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Imagine a dental practice that combines the latest digital technology with relaxing, modern and stylish surroundings where your dental care is carried out to your utmost satisfaction.

Welcome to The Dental Surgeons.

Our Practice

At The Dental Surgeons we bring together the latest knowledge and expertise in preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to keep your smile natural and healthy. Our vision is to provide the very best dental care using the most advanced technology available in a space that has been specifically designed to put you at ease. This means not only will you have less visits, you will have an experience that will radically change the way you feel about the dentist.

Our team are forward-thinking, highly experienced dental professionals with decades of experience who have built up first-class reputations for the work that they do. Our combined expertise in the fields of general and cosmetic dentistry, with a focus on Implantology and Orthodontics means we can plan and offer greater options for treatment. Our specialist knowledge allows us to look at all our cases with a broader perspective so even if you do not require specialist care you will still gain the benefits of our experience through our treatment planning.


If you have any further questions please ask a member of the team and we will
be more than happy to answer any of your queries.


Working together

  • The health and safety of our patients is paramount and we like to create trusting relationships. By working together, we believe we are able to give you an exceptional level care. We will listen to your thoughts and feedback preferring open and honest communication. We are constantly working to provide you with the highest possible standards of treatment and are always looking for ways to refine them. We would like to know how you think we are doing and encourage you let us know where we can improve. In response we will continue to invest in new treatments, training and technology which respond to your needs.

    Relationships are of course two way things. So in return we would like you to help us to uphold the service we proudly provide by arriving on time, following our advice to maintain the work we do, attending recommended follow up appointments and by paying within our terms. That is to say we treat each other respectfully. However, we understand how busy life can be and sometimes appointments need to be changed, that is why we ask you to give us at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule.

    This way, we do not waste valuable resources which we can use to better care for you. And if you like our service enough to refer your friends, family and colleagues we will thank you for your trust and valued custom by giving you a little something back in return.

Our environment

When we were designing our practice and facilities our number one priority was our patients. Whether you are a new patient visiting for a consultation, an existing patient attending for your routine maintenance or are undergoing a major dental reconstruction we want to give you the very best experience from the moment you walk through the door to the moment that you leave.

Our state of the art practice combines stylish and modern surroundings with scrupulous standards of hygiene and cross infection control. We always use the best materials, the best laboratories, the best techniques in fact we try to use the best of everything. We are able to deliver an exceptional standard of dentistry in an environment that is friendly and reassuring and we hope you will feel comfortable and relaxed here.

We will let you choose the music you want to listen to while you are with us. Research has shown us that music can be a fantastic tool for easing tension and relieving anxiety so when you are in the chair you can choose from our extensive archive or to listen to your own music via our music system.

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